Solar Panels

What are solar panels?

Solar panels are a renewable energy source. They are fitted to a building and turn the sun's rays into energy. They can power your home by capturing energy from the sun and turning the energy into electricity.

How do solar panels work?

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system converts sunlight into electricity. The resulting electricity is then converted into AC power by an inverter so you can use it in your own home – or if you have an excess, this can be stored in a battery for use later in the day or it can be fed into the National Grid and you'll get paid for it. Currently, all domestic PV systems are deemed to export 50% of the energy they generate which is rewarded by the Export tariff.

Installing solar panels

You will need a certified solar panel installer to advise you on all the regulations surrounding solar PV. Our partners can handle the entire process from initial enquiry to final installation.

Whoever you choose as your installer, they will need to visit your home to perform a detailed technical survey. This will ensure you get the right system for your property, a detailed quote for your installation and an accurate projection of the amount of power you’ll be able to generate.

Once your solar PV system is installed, it’s very easy to maintain. Your installer will give you a troubleshooting checklist and details of regular maintenance checks. Provided your panels are kept clean and clear of overgrown foliage, they should last 25 years or more.(1)

Our partners also offer service, maintenance and repair services on any solar PV system already installed. Get in touch to through our form to discuss your solar needs

Advantages of solar panels


Carbon reduction

With a solar PV system you can become less reliant on non-renewable energy sources and lower your impact on the environment by generating your own, clean electricity. According to figures, each kWh of solar electricity represents a saving of 0.43kg of carbon dioxide.


Energy savings

When there is enough daylight, you can use clean electricity generated by your own home system. Because you’re not drawing your supply from the National Grid, this means you could reduce your electricity bills significantly.


Battery storage

You can enhance the capability of your home generating system by installing a battery storage solution that helps you to use the electricity generated by your solar PV system even when the sun goes down. Our preferred partners can give you advice and guidance on battery storage for your home.

Maintenance of your solar panels system

Although PV systems are fairly robust, regular maintenance can improve the performance of older systems, preventing expensive repairs and faults. As well as servicing, simple things such as regular panel cleaning, electrical system inspections and shading management will prevent losses and damage due to natural influences such as shading and dirt build up.

Besides keeping your system healthy and your investment safe, there are potential cost saving benefits to servicing your PV. Inverter servicing and panel cleaning can prevent the amount of solar power generated by your system from slipping below what it should be. If your PV system needs a repair or you think it could be performing better, send us your details and one of our preferred partners will be in touch to discuss your needs.